Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let's enjoying spa in Langkawi

Above about spa in Langkawi.

Spa is a major attraction for tourists in Langkawi. The concept of spa merges with the traditions of herbal baths, meditation and massage. In older days, temples were the centre of the spa. Buddhist monks played the role of both the religious leaders and doctors prescribing massages and herbal remedies for the sick. However, now, the role of spa has changed a lot.

Spa in Langkawi
Langkawi of today has emerged as a major spa centre in Malaysia. All major resorts in Langkawi offer their own spa services. One can enjoy both the Eastern and Western techniques of spa here. You can just receive a Thai massage or extend the services to full spa treatment for any ailment. People of all tastes and budgets can enjoy spa treatments here. You could visit the fancy five star spa centres or opt for inexpensive spa places at the beaches. Rest assured, spa at the beach can be as good as a high-charging spa centre.

Spa Massage
Main uses of spa are as massage, facial and body treatment. The most popular spa service is massage. Body muscles are manually manipulated to de-stress them. The massage improves blood circulation and treats muscle pain and spasm. Calming the nervous system, it promotes the sense of relaxation. Facial is the second most popular service involving skin analysis, deep cleansing, massage, toning, moisturizing and extractions.

Body Treatment
Body treatment is the third use of spa. Most people have the salt glow treatment where the therapist rubs off the outermost layer of dead skin cells. The salt glow is often combined with hydrating treatment. Products like mud, algae, or seaweed are used to hydrate or detoxify the body. Oil is applied to soften or condition the skin. Most spa centres offer manicures and pedicures. Good spa centres have facilities like sauna, steam bath and hot tub.

Langkawi is the among the best spa centres in Malaysia. Get some spa massages during your Langkawi trip. You would enjoy it.

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