Friday, June 12, 2009

Langkawi's scuba diving

These about Langkawi scuba diving.

Experienced scuba divers in Malaysia seldom fail to visit Langkawi. The blissful island has an asset which makes any visit for diving worth of it. Just 19 nautical miles off Langkawi Island is Pulau Payar Marine Park, a fantastic place to enjoy activities like diving and snorkeling. It is the simplicity of the island which makes it special. Both for the experienced and the amateur!

The Marine Park
Pulau Payar is a tiny elongated island located midway between Langkawi and Penang. Designated by the Malaysian government as a marine park since 1985, it is the only Marine Park on the west coast of Malaysia. The park shelters species which are not found elsewhere on western coast. The boat ride from Langkawi to Pulau Payar takes one to two hours depending on weather. Even the sea journey would give something productive.

Regular Diving Trips
Tour operators in Langkawi organize regular diving trips for Pulau Payar. Once you book a trip to Langkawi, the operators will themselves approach you on the ferry to check out if you are interested in scuba diving. For the amateur, who have never dived before, they provide one to one guide. With the help of these experienced guides, you could extract the best out of your trip.

Diving in Deeper Water
The guides could take you to deeper waters where you would see a richer variety of large fish. Jacks, titan triggers, morays, blue-ringed angelfish, lionfish, and porcupine fish are some of the residents of this serene landscape interspersed with barrel sponge, and multi-colored coral. You will get to see schools of large fish including barracudas, cod and snappers which are invisible in the shallow waters of the. After spending a couples of hours in the deep water, you could get back to Pulau Payar for relaxing or enjoying some beach games. Normally two dives are scheduled in a day.

Underwater Scene
One is really amazed by the lush underwater scene while scuba diving in Langkawi and take back home some happy memories of rabbitfish snacking on bubbles. You never know when a long barracuda would sneak up to unsuspecting divers. The water near jetty is always populated with thick concentration of fish. You would mostly see the bannerfish and redtail butterflyfish. Most divers dive off the giant platform where the catamarans dock. However, there are several other places on the island where you could dive.

Stress-free Diving
Diving in Langkawi is free of stress. Dives here are not of the struggle-against-the-current variety. This makes it quite favorable among the amateur divers. For the divers who wish to take things easy, conditions are good.

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