Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Lanai Langkawi Beach Resort

Today's talks about the Lanai Langkawi Beach Resort.

The Hotel Lanai is a beautiful and well-equipped building is located on a beach of white sand and calm seas attractive and friendly. The hotel pool is excellent, but the pool bar does not work and theirs is not official that he can get with unruly children by tightening the balls around and "attack ".

The hotel is popular with customers from Germany and Denmark and with the Germans predominate, if you want a decent place by the pool or beach, you better get up before dawn. The first morning of my stay I got up early to hear the birds call. I did not hear the birds, but I saw the ghostly figures of German beach towels in hand, go through the palm trees and deck chairs and sun loungers requisition with ruthless efficiency .. Since the dawn chorus, it has been very rapid progress.

Breakfast at the Hotel is in rather a dingy room and is good - not great, but good enough. For dinner, they have a establishment on the beach, that is really an upgraded Hamburger joint. Most people therefore go out for dinner, but I found it perfectly adequate for a snacky type of dinner.

The establishment is well served by a cheerful staff, who are friendly but many of them have a shaky grasp of English, so make sure that your instructions are understood..

The Hotel does not change Travellers Cheques and to change them requires a 20 minute trip to town and can involve one in a major financial transaction. For some reason on presenting cheques a clerk had to be sent across the town to check the serial numbers!!!!. The transaction took 35/40 mintes. Better to change your money on arrival at the Airport.. Taxis are also freely available there..I can recommend an elderly Taxi driver who hangs around the hotel called 'Hussain' A nice man who I used regularly and he did not try to rip me off. His English is rudimentary however..

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