Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Island of The Eagle

Article about Langkawi Island of The Eagle.

Langkawi is such a fascinating travel destination. This beautiful island has also kept a very popular legend, the legend of Mahsuri. It was told that  the rule of Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah II saw the arrival of a man named Pandak Maya. After eating some magical grain his wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter who was named as Mahsuri. But after marrying Mat Deris, the son of the chief of Langkawi, she was accused of adultery. False accusations led her to the death bed. It is believed that when she was stabbed white blood gushed out just to prove her innocence. As such the land was cursed for seven generations. To counter it a mausoleum was erected and the family was welcomed back to the island. Now, Langkawi become one of the attraction in Malaysia tourism industry. Among popular destination in Langkawi are The Pregnant Maid Island, The Lion Island, Chenang Beach, Kuah Town, Mount of Mat Cincang, The Seven Wells Waterfall, Underwater World and many more. If you guys are interested to visit Langkawi Island, Malaysia, you can visit this website at http://www.langkawi-online.com for hotel and resort reservation or you can also visit Tourism Malaysia website at http://www.tourism.gov.my .

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