Friday, June 25, 2010

Delicious food at Langkawi

Some info about it.

It is time to eat now. Malaysia is rich with its local foods. There are numerous of local food that you should try. For me, if you came to Malaysia and eat at the five star hotel without trying the local foods. There is no point for you to have vacation here. Go out and try the local foods especially the hawker. Some of them serve the best food in town but make sure they are clean.

When I went to Langkawi, there is a very huge and beautiful restaurant near to my hotel. Then I took a cab to Kuah for some shopping, the taxi driver was very friendly he told us where we should go for shopping plus he told us where is the best restaurant in Langkawi. He also told us that the huge and beautiful restaurant is very expensive and the food are not tasty. After some arrangement he agree to take us to his recommend restaurant.

At 8.00 p.m he pick up us at hotel lobby. He took us to the Kampung Nelayan Restaurant located in Kuah. However this restaurant is very hard find. For you information this restaurant was featured in Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan( a famous culinary television how). So no wonder there are no table available for us. We have to wait about 10 minutes to get a table but it worth to wait. All the seafood are very fresh and the most important part is cheap.

After about an hour later, the taxi driver came to send us back to the hotel room. We bought some foods for the taxi driver as a symbol of thank you. The food was so good and it makes me forget about my high blood pressure. I think I should take a good care of my health after this.

Ahmad Syahrir is a local Malaysia that was living in Malaysia since he was born. He has see thousands of tourist having trouble in Malaysia. Now he decided to give some guide to them in order to make their best vacation ever in Malaysia.

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