Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Monsoon Cup in Langkawi

Here's about Monsoon Cup in Langkawi.

YACHTING and boating appears to be a growing phenomenon in Malaysia.

Certainly, there have been, for many years, some yacht clubs in Malaysia.

In recent years, though, these established clubs have been more of a social set-up with a few small dinghies out on an afternoon of racing possibly, but with not many larger boats in evidence.

Now that we have The Monsoon Cup, regular international regattas in Langkawi and the development of a number of new marinas around Malaysia, yachting is acquiring a decidedly higher profile.
In Langkawi, boat charters are really taking off. The options extend from a sunset cruise with dinner, to a full-day trip around the islands or even a couple of days aboard as one sets sail for Phuket.

The boats range from motor or wind-powered to a magnificent Barquentine that’s 249 feet (83 metres) long.

Blue Water Star Sailing, for example, can arrange to accommodate you and up to more than 50 friends on a number of boats and ships which are on their books.

An introduction to the sea for a group of up to 20 “landlubbers” could be a day out on the 65-foot Damai Indah.

For those who require a little more luxury, fine food and wines, a tropical breeze and the sound of creaking timbers, a more modern luxury yacht is available.

Blue Water Star Sailing offers Lili Marleen. She’s 249 feet of soaring masts and luxury accommodation for more than 50 people. From the outside, she’s a classic clipper from a bygone era.

Her cabins too have a traditional look, oozing opulence with polished brass, thick carpets and wood panelling.

Being built in Germany in the 1990’s, means that she has the latest in navigation equipment, safety features, and of course creature comforts.

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